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E-DRUG: Vacancies – Three positions, The Global Fund

Please find below new vacancies closing 21 April
Vacancies: Associate Specialist, Principal Recipient Services and Supply Operations
– English and French Speaking – Temporary – 18 months  duration contract – 3 positions

The Principal Recipient (PR) Services team is the customer service hub of the Supply Operations Team for PRs using the Global Fund’s centralized procurement facility, i.e. Pooled Procurement Mechanism (PPM), the main tool to deliver the Global Fund’s Market Shaping Strategy that has an annual spend of $1.2 billion, which represents over 60% of Global Fund health products spend and about 25% of Global Fund grant spend annually.

The PR Services team is responsible for managing relationships with the Principal Recipients of Global Fund grants using the PPM in close coordination with Health Product Managers and Country Teams within the Grant Management Division (GMD), as well as Supply Chain Specialists within the Supply Chain team. This team manages the transactions responsible for converting a purchase requests to delivery of health products in the country. It does this by proactively managing PR relationships, monitoring and managing requests, transaction exceptions and outliers through the pipeline, and providing excellent customer service support.

PR service, satisfaction and ensuring realization of all the value opportunities from the product category strategies/global tenders (in terms of for example savings; best products; reliable supply etc.) are is the team’s priorities. The team will continuously strive to improve PR service, for example by reducing end-to-end lead times and delivering optimal value at the lowest possible cost through more proactive and earlier management of requisitions.

The PR Services team is crucial for realizing the potential value from the Sourcing product category strategies for both the grant and the organization, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and effectiveness across the Sourcing and Supply Chain team and the Global Fund generally.

The Associate Specialist, PR Services will serve as the focal point for PR relationships within a given geography. The incumbent will work closely with Grant Management Division and Supply Chain to coordinate holistic customer service and transaction management for the PRs. The PR Services Associate Specialist is responsible for ensuring that transactions are efficient and compliant to be able to reliably deliver all the products needed to meet both the grant needs and Global Fund’s Market Shaping and Sourcing Objectives and targets.

Key Job dimensions:
. Financial responsibility: See below according to geographical allocation
. External engagement:  High, political and complex
. Impact on the organization: Reliable delivery of products to deliver grant and organizational results, impact and realize maximum value

The Associate Specialist, PR Services for HI Africa 1 ensures the secure management of roughly US$240 million in annual transactions across approximately 15 grants.

  • The Associate Specialist, PR Services for HI Africa 2 ensures the secure management of roughly US$310 million in annual transactions across approximately 14 grants.
  • The Associate Specialist, PR Services for AME 1 and the PR Services Specialist for AME 2 jointly ensure the secure management of roughly US$315 million in annual transactions across approximately 45 grants.

The Associate Specialist, PR Services for HI Asia/ AELAC ensures the secure management of roughly US$100 million in annual transactions across approximately 49 grants.

Key Responsibilities
Transaction management:
. Ensures compliance of PR orders with applicable organisational policies including the PPM OPN
. Ensures good quality PR requisitions are received in time and managed efficiently and compliantly to meet forecasted volumes and deliver maximum value to the grant and the organization
. Manages the country team and PR-interface for respective geography to ensure responsiveness to grant implementation needs and delivering value to the grant and the organisation
. Monitors and manages transaction exceptions and outliers
. Escalates incidents to the PR Services Manager

Customer service:

. Serves as focal point for PR contact triaging queries, comments and concern for direct action or referral
. Coordinates customer responsiveness and outreach with key stakeholders in GMD and Supply Chain to best address the needs and concerns of the PRs
. Contributes to the identification of system and process efficiency gains and opportunities to inform future system development
. Monitors and manages end-to-end performance for countries and grants including SLAs, internal and external efficiency customer satisfaction

PSA management:
. Advises the PR Services manager of any concerns related to Procurement Service Agent (PSA) performance

Category management support:
. Responsible for delivering the volume metric of the savings calculation (Savings = unit price reduction x volume)
. Implements product-specific and other value opportunities including specification standardisation and supply chain optimisation that can be implemented through transaction management (demand management and screening of requisitions)
. Provides demand information to enable the development of annual category demand forecasts; quarterly PO forecasts and annual financial commitments to suppliers
. Operationalises product-specific and other identified value opportunities including those negotiated in the category strategies or to support supply chain efficiencies

Demand management:
. Fully manages the demand for grants in the allocated portfolio
. Proactively manages demand and analytics to monitor volume and requisition-submission timing challenges and opportunities
. Owns and manages the inter-team and inter-divisional demand management process to meet the needs of efficient and effective sourcing and grant implementation

End-to-end alignment and efficiencies:
. Supports alignment across strategic sourcing, supply chain and PR Services
. Supports country engagement to promote Global Fund Sourcing and Supply Chain integrated strategy
. Identifies opportunities and needs for Supply Chain Team to support realisation of sourcing value that is operationalised in and/or benefits the international or national legs of the supply chain
. Identifies opportunities for supply chain team to strengthen demand and order management
. Observes and captures good practices for order management for building in-country procurement capacities

Subject to change by the Executive Director at any time at his/her sole discretion.

. Degree in health, science or business field, ideally associated with business administration or financial qualification

. Extensive experience in public/ private health product sourcing and procurement activities

. Relevant demand-side experience in grant-recipient countries

. Excellent knowledge of English, French and Spanish

  Functional Competencies:
. Analytical
. Business
. Country context
. Finance
. Geopolitical Awareness
. Multicultural Understanding
. Negotiations
. Operational Policy
. Procurement & Supply Chain
. Organizational Competencies:

Global Fund awareness and mind-set
. Service orientation
. Drive for results
. Collaboration
. Interaction
. Adaptability

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