Accidental consumption of Medicines after expiry

In many cases, after expiry date, most medicines simply become less effective (most medicines have no direct harmful effect if you mistakenly take them).

However, medicines such as Tetracyclines (e.g aka red na yellow capsule) on the other hand have been found to degrade to other chemicals (epi-androtetracycline or androtetracyclicline) which can be toxic to the kidneys leading to a condition called renal tubular acidosis (the kidneys become unable to move acids to the urine for excretion, acids then accumulate in your body).

Patients present with nausea, vomiting and metabolic acidosis (acid builds up in the body) within 2 to 8 days of taking expired tetracycline.

When next you are given Tetracycline or if you’ve had it at home for a while, ensure to check and re-check the expiry date before use.

Note: Storage Condition can also affect the integrity of an medicine making it useless or dangerous way before the stated expiry date. Always buy drugs

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