The Hospital Pharmacists Association of Zambia – HOPAZ

The Hospital Pharmacists Association of Zambia (HOPAZ) is an association of Zambian Pharmaceutical personnel practicing in both the private and public hospitals and was formed to; 1. Protect and promote the interests of the hospital pharmacy practice. 2. Encourage the spirit of comradeship and co-operation among its members. 3. Raise the profession within itself, the ministry of health and the public eye. 4. Collaborate with the mother body – the PSZ and other professionals to ensure the highest standards of Pharmaceutical practice and care.

International Pharmaceutical Federation – FIP

The FIP is a non-governmental organization that works to support the development of the pharmacy profession, through practice and emerging scientific innovations, in order to meet the world’s health care needs and expectations. It is a global federation of national pharmacy associations, representing over 4 million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists around the world. Its mission is to improve global health by advancing pharmacy practice and science to enable better discovery, development, access to and safe use of cost-effective, quality medicines worldwide. Through some of its initiatives, FIP aims to strengthen pharmaceutical services and pharmacy education in developing and translational countries through coordinated support from the pharmacy establishment in developed and more advanced developing countries.

Commonwealth Pharmacists Association – CPA

The PSZ is an associate member of the CPA. The CPA was formed in order to promote and disseminate the pharmaceutical sciences throughout the Commonwealth and to improve the quality and range of services offered there by professional pharmacists. The CPA is a non-governmental organization representing professional pharmaceutical societies from over 40 Commonwealth countries. Over 1200 pharmacists from throughout the Commonwealth are personal members of CPA. The CPA has partnered with the PSZ to develop a comprehensive CPA-PSZ CPD program that shall not only increase overall competency of PSZ members but ultimately enhance self-development and professionalism. Using the CPA experience and resourses, this CPD platform will prepare pharmacists and pharmacy technologists for the ever-changing pharmacy landscape and place the Zambian pharmacist and pharmacy technologists in line with the emerging and current trends in global practice.